After yesterday’s post I had a couple of messages asking if I was okay,  and I am. (No I’m not just saying that)

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Normality of housework

A short post today, and one I feel slightly hypocritical about, as I queried whether David Torrance’s piece in the Herald yesterday had a point and I’m not sure that this has  – but then he gets paid for his waffling, whereas you get to read my ramblings without a paywall.


Anyway, yesterday I got my mojo back, just for a little while. Long enough to tidy the house, change the beds and wash kitchen floor – don’t worry, this isn’t gong to turn into a housework blog.

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Self-obsessed rant – updated

jan2016 can fuck right off.

Waking to hear Bowie is dead is like a punch in the stomach. I know I never met him, but he was one of those people who was always there, not just a pop star, an icon. I grew up listening to him and was 16 when Labyrinth came out. A film my daughter finally saw and loved for this Christmas. I know getting older means more childhood heroes go, but I don’t have to like it.

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