24 hours

On Saturday night I wrote of my nerves for and emotional investment in the Catalan Referendum.

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The Colonial Overlords

mundellI thought after the elections that things would quieten down that I would be able to check Twitter in the morning and not start the day with “FFS”.

How wrong can you be?  Yes I know I should stop checking so early on in the day (and looking for a picture of Mundell didn’t improve my mood either.)

This morning I was greeted with this gem for the Scotland Office

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Once you pop…


You can’t stop – as the ad for the addictive snack with no nutritional value states. That’s how I am once I start on the Labour Party.

I made the mistake at the weekend of venting slightly and so instead of dispassionately watching them slide over the cliff edge of irrelevance with fingers scrabbling for purchase, I am now constantly irritated that they are still making the same mistakes over and over and over AND OVER again. Continue reading “Once you pop…”

Ever decreasing circles


The state of both UK Labour and its Scottish branch office has been written about extensively, and I have tried not to add to the clamour.  What with all the new faces on the lists for Holyrood, the behaviour at First Minister’s Questions yesterday and finally a peach of an article in the Huffington Post today, I can’t hold back any longer; I’m afraid this may be a long one. Continue reading “Ever decreasing circles”