Is it cos I is English?

RICHARD GAnd so it came to pass that Richard Leonard played the English card. <rolls eyes>

Have to admit I did think he would take a little longer to do this but then again I didn’t expected him to be so bad a leader. Watching him jiggle at FMQs each week is cringworthy.

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Pressing Concerns

Last January controversial Bath-based (Am I doing it right?) Wings Over Scotland did a post Data Without Information about how the political parties send the media “Christmas Boxes” embargoed to various days over the festive system.

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Ungagged: Scottish Labour


I’m not only back to blogging, I got my arse into gear and contributed to the latest Ungagged podcast Empire of skulls.

I did a recap of recent events in the latest Scottish Labour leadership election, what’s scary is it’s got worse over the last few days.

I still can’t listen to myself but the other contributors are excellent. Here’s my bit:

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