Lists and roundabouts

This is a two part blog about how we have elections in Scotland. No I’m not going to bore you again about d’Hondt or STV, I’m going to bore you about something else… 😬

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Pressing Concerns

Last January controversial Bath-based (Am I doing it right?) Wings Over Scotland did a post Data Without Information about how the political parties send the media “Christmas Boxes” embargoed to various days over the festive system.

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Glutton for punishment


I really must be I read Torrance’s article yesterday and then today I tried to read Daisley. The joy of the block button means I get to miss the majority of his analysis & “witticisms” but occasionally one gets through. Today’s offering via STV  was tweeted with the comment “She may have brought the SNP to heel but what now for Ruth Davidson MSP, asks Journo Stephen?”

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