And breathe…

I’ve now mostly worked through my “What the actual FUCK” reaction to Tory gains in the council elections.

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The hero they deserve


A subject keeps cropping up in conversation recently; when the next IndyRef comes who will lead Better Together 2?

The UK politicians who signed the Vow have all gone, and as much as the media love its architect I think Brown’s ego is too fragile to risk heading a losing campaign. He’ll pop up  like clockwork with the interventions he loves so much.

Darling has his ermine, as does Foulkes, McConnell, Menzies Campbell, Malcolm Bruce which I’m pretty sure even the British state would see as a disadvantage when discussing democratic matters

(As a matter of interest, Labour are the party have the highest proportion  of Scottish life peers.- onwards comrades!)

Then we come to the current crop of Unionist MPs – Murray, Mundell or the Liar Carmichael?

None of them exactly set the world alight as public speakers.  Fluffy interviews badly already, far to easy to anger. Carmichael – well he’s a liar and a LibDem (remember them?) and Murray ? The man can’t even support his own leader. The one Scottish Labour MP and he resigned as Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland. So much for putting country first.

So then there are the Holyrood leaders – Ruth, Kezia & Willie Rennie.

Ruth Davidson seems to be a front runner; she’s been on a war footing for over a year.

To be fair after Labour’s membership collapse  – with the left going to the SNP, Greens etc, the right of the party does seem to be able to put a cross in that Conservative box quite easily. (and no I still don’t understand how life long Labour supporters can do that)

But having a Tory leading it wold just confirm the Unionist option, that to stay in the UK means another 10 – 20 years of Tory rule.

The only reason we have devolved government is because of the  Council of Europe not Labour generosity.  There are already talks of additional powers on fishing & farming being retained by WM after we leave the EU and at the Scottish Tory conference a fringe event on repealing the Scotland Act and abolishing Holyrood.

It may seem far-fetched, but how long ago did we think fringe events on privatising the English NHS and education system were ridiculous? This is how these policies start.

As much as she tries Davidson cannot avoid the link between Scottish Tories and their “mother” party. Every time she stands waving a flag on top of a tank – that’s patriotic not nationalist don’t cha know? – she stands for the current UK government. The one condemned by the UN for its treatment of the disabled and austerity policies.

*takes deep breath*


Christ sake. The knives are already sharpening in SLab. The question is how low are the party’s expectations for the May council elections. It’s obvious Sarwar is  biding his time, are Findlay & Rowley too?

Whoever is Labour leader after May, would they platform with the Tories again? And even if they run separate campaigns they still are saying it’s better for Tory rule than self-rule.

Then we have Willie Rennie. Oh god *rubs temples*


I know, I know, I could have picked a better picture. But then I could have also picked the ball pool one or the pigs shagging

Hold on, I forgot one party leader – Coburn.

So moving on

Blair McDougall the man who admitted they would have struggled to win without ‘scaremongering’?

John McTernan? OH GOD, PLEASE LET IT BE HIM. Murphy’s main man would be a gift.

I don’t have a clue who they’ll go for. I don’t know if they do.