Getting it out


Where do you start? It feels like the world is going to hell in a handcart and yet the most important things to some politicians is a fucking bell. There’s no governance only distraction. Continue reading “Getting it out”


51st state

You get 2-4-1 on blogs today. This and one about the Labour party

This was recorded in 1986 but I think we’re closer now than we were then.

May is an embarrassment. Beyond an embarrassment, her behavior with Trump was humiliating. I may want Scotland to leave the UK but right now we are still part of it and her obsequiousness was nauseating.

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Hide Away


Some days blogging is easy; there’s something that clearly leaps out at me and the need to vent just comes. Trident or fracking for example.

Then there are days like the immediate aftermath of the EU Ref when I used this to help me keep track of what is going on.

This week however it is not easy – not because there isn’t stuff to talk about but because there is just so much. Too much.

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