The Fifth Task

Colonel Davidson, leader of the Scottish “don’t call us” Conservative Party, appeared on Radio 4 this morning condemning the locker-room culture at Westminster. She’s made calls to “clean out the stable.” With the amount of horse shit she spouts this is indeed a task for Hercules.

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They don’t get it


I’ll start with a quick follow up from yesterday’s blog. Not long after I posted it the Record ran with “North Ayrshire Labour blast SNP councillors for resigning while leader holidays in Italy“. So the day after planning a coup to take over the Council he’s complaining that they got it without a fight. Labour and coups – you just know this will end up replacing piss ups and breweries.

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What have I missed?


The upside of having restricted access to my blog this last week is that I haven’t felt the need to put in to words how I feel about the relentless, unending clusterfuck that is the Labour party. I’ve found “Now what?” and ” You are fucking kidding me!” have generally sufficed this week.

As I’m now able to blog again, I need to get myself up to date so bear with me.

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