The hole is deep enough

I’ve just put myself through the second of Kezia’s interviews from this weekend.

Oh my fucking god, why would you do that to yourself? She repeats he same lines re party unity again and again and just looks foolish.When will politicians learn that people do not want to hear the same soundbite.

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They don’t get it


I’ll start with a quick follow up from yesterday’s blog. Not long after I posted it the Record ran with “North Ayrshire Labour blast SNP councillors for resigning while leader holidays in Italy“. So the day after planning a coup to take over the Council he’s complaining that they got it without a fight. Labour and coups – you just know this will end up replacing piss ups and breweries.

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What have I missed?


The upside of having restricted access to my blog this last week is that I haven’t felt the need to put in to words how I feel about the relentless, unending clusterfuck that is the Labour party. I’ve found “Now what?” and ” You are fucking kidding me!” have generally sufficed this week.

As I’m now able to blog again, I need to get myself up to date so bear with me.

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Never dull


Another one of these days when it seems like politics is on speed. Never assume anything is today’s lesson.

Corbyn is able to stand in the Labour leadership election. All those crowing that the NEC secret ballot was to stop intimidation of rebels now have egg on their face, and credence is added to the rumours that some only resigned from the Corbyn cabinet because of pressure to do so. If so, my comment to those who did so is; “Go get yourself a backbone FFS.”

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