What a week

It’s been a busy week, the sun has been shining and I have been spending as much time as possible in the garden – it’s done my inner calm no end of good. However…

I know hardening of sides within a political discourse is not good, I would much rather we had consensus politics, but when the Tory party is careering even further right, absorbing UKIP and putting up racists for election at both council and MP levels, a stand against them must be made.

The first English MP candidate (and magistrate) who got into the news this weekend over unsuitable comments did not simply tell an indy supporter to “Fuck off back to Scotland” The person in question was a 16 year old school girl during a school visit! I would hope that the school immediately kicked him off the premises for such behaviour.

He said it was a joke. Oh yes, the “banter”defense. Well then he won’t mind me joking that he is a complete and utter cock who should never be allowed near children or any position of power. No report as yet to if he will be suspended.

Unlike this charmer who has been suspended from the party for 6 months. I’m surprised, I half expected him to get moved to the Department for Exiting the EU, the Northern Ireland office or given an apprenticeship under Johnson.

(A quick I told you so, I’ve been saying for ages that Irish and Scots will be the next targets/scapegoats after the migrants, disabled, single parents, unemployed, elderly, EU. Lets face it if you are fair game if you aren’t on Theresa May’s Christmas card list.)

All week Ruth Davidson has been called out on the behaviour of her councillors, but as we can seen in the case of Mulder1981 it appears that they would rather keep the seat than seriously deal with it.

In the last week even more bigots have crawled out of the woodwork.

And what do the Tory party do? Well it looks like their councillors are under instruction to delete their Twitter accounts.

There’s no point in expecting Davidson to reprimand her Councillors? This is the type of dog-whistle politics she’s employing

Today we had this:

Seriously. I’ve tried reading it with different emphasis but I cannot see a way that this is good.

Simply seeking peace. What the fuck is wrong with that? Didn’t enough people die? Would she rather that the conflict continue? That bodies pile up? There were atrocities on both sides.

I would think that the majority that wore the uniform would have preferred not to see more of their friends injured, killed or traumatised by what they went through.

Is this tweet meant to highlight that she too has “worn the uniform”?

Three years in the TA as a signaler. I’m pretty sure we’d have heard if she had actually served during any tours. I did a quick look – TA are expected to do 19 days a year, even Army cadets spend more time training (2 nights a week plus weekends)

She’s probably spent more time with military equipment during photo opportunities than she did when she served.

It would be better if she spoke out for those ex-military who are homeless or requiring mental health support, or even got her government to do something about it.

In short I’d much rather have a man of peace in charge than someone gung-ho for action.


(Although seeing Windows XP has been hacked in the NHS does not reassure me as Trident uses the same fucking system – War Games anyone? Do you want to play Global Thermonuclear War?)


I think she’s trying to distract from the shit storm hitting her own party. I mean it’s not been a good week for her.


John Buchan ( @crouchy197) has been reported on over his racist, homophobic and sectarian tweets. Have to admit he is wide-ranging in his hatred, he dislikes Catholics, Muslims, immigrants, LGBT & women. It appears the only people he like approves of are the Tories and the OO.

Hopefully now his views have become more widespread others in the fishing industry might question it’s support for the party who will quite happily sacrifice it to protect the City of London’s financial interests.

I’ll admit I hate the Tories. That’s due to their policies, not due to race or religion. And I’m not saying they are all racists/bigots/misogynists but I do think that the majority of those that fall under those groupings are the ones likely to vote for them.

This next election is not about Indy (Holyrood has already voted on Section 30) or even about Brexit (again, Section 50 has already been sent and the EU doesn’t give a fuck about the size of the UK government’s majority)

What it is about is do people want a right-wing future or not?

Do we want to end up like the US – who elected Trump, an overgrown toddler who thinks only of himself and has the attention span of a brain damaged goldfish.

This should not be news, it shouldn’t be anywhere even close to news. The fact it is shows how bloody weird the US system is that  they elect someone who has to have an extra scoop of ice cream (and I wish you could see the look on my 12 year old daughter’s face over that.)

We have May on offer. A woman who attends her own rallies sneaking in thouh fire exits in an attempt to hide from the public. Who gets puff pieces on the One Show rather than doing direct face to face debates.

May is not a strong and stable Prime Minister. Every single time she repeats that I am reminded of Sheldon Cooper


The Tories don’t want you to vote, they know their supporters will crawl from their death beds to vote. Low turnouts help them.

Get registered by 22nd May, in fact don’t wait DO IT NOW. And then vote.

Don’t whine that you don’t like Corbyn, he’s better than the alternative.

I am in Scotland and will vote SNP, but – and this is no endorsement for the bunch of Blairite wankers we have in Scotland – if I were in England I would vote so hard for Corbyn’s Labour I would probably break the pencil.




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